Vision and mission

Our Vision

Cameroon as a country where decisions about health and health care are informed by trusted evidence and lead to better health for all people.

Our Mission

To inform health decision making by producing trusted and timely synthesized evidence, making it accessible and advocating for its use.

Our Goals

Goal 1. Producing trusted evidence

•    Consult with stakeholders to identify priority areas.
•    Evidence maps to identify existing reviews and unanswered questions.
•    Generate a list of priority questions, to share with Cochrane Africa and Cochrane Review Groups.
•    Host a registry of registered priority titles, protocols, and ongoing reviews to be updated yearly, including stalled reviews on priority topics.
•    Conduct evidence assessments, rapid responses and Cochrane systematic reviews (SR).

Goal 2. Informing Health decisions

•    Disseminate bilingual (French-English) evidence assessments and summaries of existing SR on priority topics to inform decisions.
•    Provide a rapid response service of plain language summaries (PLS)of systematic reviews upon request to media and civils society organizations.
•    Build capacity on how to find, assess and use the Cochrane Library.
•    Contribute to translation of locally relevant PLS of Cochrane Reviews

Goal 3. Advocating for evidence

•    Identify and map users of evidence (policy makers, professional bodies, private organizations, primary healthcare providers, media, medical schools etc.
•    Identify and map producers / brokers of evidence already engaged in promoting EBM for synergies.
•    Interact with program managers and policy makers to assess their needs for new SR.
•    Engage with media networks and civil society to raise awareness and build capacity about evidence-based practice and Cochrane reviews.
•    Link the participants of our workshops with the Cochrane community.

Goal 4. Building and effective and sustainable Organization

•    Identify mentors and focal points in medical schools and tertiary hospitals for capacity building and advocacy.
•    Collaborate with various institutions (medical schools, tertiary hospitals, professional associations, Ministry of Health etc.) and provide annual feedback to these institutions.
•    Host annual face-to-face meetings with all network members
•    Host one-week training workshops on SR and meta-analysis methodology to increase the number of Cochrane SR authors